Band Hero 3 in pipeline before Band Hero 2 is out!

Although it may sound far fetched it seems that Activision really have started work on the next, next lot of games!

A concept artist mentioned on his blog that he had been working for Activision on Band Hero 3 and Guitar Hero 7, this article has now been taken down (probably after a rather heated call from a PR office), as we have only just started to get the first details of Guitar Hero 6 and Band Hero 2 is not even on the horizon yet.

More major title releases will not please fans of the series who have already criticized the company for its seemingly relentless release schedule, most fans would only be in favour of new game releases if they contained major improvements in the game play or features. Releasing a new title every few months if a very expensive way of buying some new songs, some of which you would not own out of choice,  what fans wanted to see is more support for downloadable content, only paying for the songs you will enjoy playing, which is exactly what CEO Dan Rosensweig suggested was the stategry.

While it is good to know the investment in all your plastics instruments was a good long term decision, critics may suggest that the genre is being milked, and gameplay and innovation is now a distant second to quick profits. What are your thoughts?



2 Comments on "Band Hero 3 in pipeline before Band Hero 2 is out!"

  1. Chalker123 on Fri, 28th May 2010 7:11 pm 

    I’m not impressed that band hero 3 is out that quick. Makes me feel like waiting for band hero 5 as that should be out by christmas at this rate.
    Dunno how you guys keep up with all the changes, your spare parts shelves must be enormous.
    That said, I wouldn’t play any other game at the moment!

  2. ~GHRocker~ on Sat, 29th May 2010 10:40 am 

    Let em bring it on I say. Activision are driving the game play forward and that can only be a good thing. Stay still and someone else brings out a better console experience.
    Look at the older console games and you’ll see what I mean, some of the big names just died because they didn’t keep pushing the boundaries forward.

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