Have you got a broken controller stick for Wii Band Hero?

Band Hero Control Unit Nintendo WiiOne of our most requested parts for the Band Hero drum kit is the control unit for the Nintendo Wii.

It seems that many of you are having issues with the small black control stick (or thumbstick) on the front of the control unit snapping off, this leaves the stick wobbly and unconnected and you can often hear pieces of plastic rattling around inside the control unit, once this happens this used to be the end of your drum kit until now.

We currently have a limited supply of replacement control units for the Nintendo Wii console featuring our new, exclusive, reinforced control sticks. These custom-made replacement parts available only through Band Hero Repair are made of tougher plastic with internal reinforcing which considerably improves the durability of the item.

To see if we have any stock of your unit head over to our Band Hero Spare Parts Store


If you wish to replace your broken control stick with our exclusive upgraded part then you can see our fitting guide and order one from us directly, Nintendo Wii Replacement Control Stick



2 Comments on "Have you got a broken controller stick for Wii Band Hero?"

  1. Andy on Sat, 2nd Oct 2010 11:39 am 

    If it is a common problem for the contoller stick to break, would it not be great to be able to buy just the stick as the rest of the unit is in working order?

  2. Wendy LeBlanc on Sun, 26th Dec 2010 2:27 am 

    I didn’t see any band hero drum kit control units in your parts store. When do you expect to get more in stock? Christmas day the thing broke and then I find out from your website it is one of the most requested parts.

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