How to open your Band Hero Drum Kit

Opening the band hero drum kit is a simple procedure requiring only one tool - a Torx T10 screwdriver

The image below shows the location of all the screws which must be removed to gain access to the inside of the drums. Once the screws are all removed the back of the drums will come away quite easily.

Things to note

  • You will need a screwdriver that will reach down to the top 2 screws as shown in the image - they are the deepest of all the screws and a short bit / driver combination may not fit - check this first! Our 8 in 1 Torx Screwdriver Sets are fully compatible
  • All the holes are at an angle - if you approach from the direction suggested by the image you will find it a lot easier
  • The two bottom screws (as shown in the image) are located under the rubber feet - simply pry these off then remove the screws from underneath.



3 Comments on "How to open your Band Hero Drum Kit"

  1. marv on Mon, 19th Jul 2010 1:52 pm 

    I can open the body casing easily – my band hero kit (xbox 360) actually uses normal philip screws, not the Torx T10.
    My problem is getting inside the pad, to the sensor. The sensor is not as accessible compared to the GHWT kit. You need to separate the plastic coloured casing from the rubber pad to get to the sensor; how do you do this? I would great appreciate that video.

  2. Steve on Mon, 19th Jul 2010 2:16 pm 

    Hi Marv

    Ask and ye shall recieve!

    The way to remove the rubber part from the plastic part of the drum pad is quite simple – the 3 rubber ‘bungs’ that stick out the bottom of the pad casing are part of the rubber top section and the only things holding the pad together. To seperate them all you need to do is to squeeze the rubber bungs so they pass back through the hole in the plastic – if you find this tricky just pop a bit of washing liquid on there to ease them out.

    We will do a video on this as soon as we can but we are in the process of major server upgrades at the moment and that is draining a lot of our time.

    Hope this helps

  3. marv on Mon, 19th Jul 2010 2:43 pm 

    Wow, I wasn’t expecting a reply so fast! Thanks, should’ve figured it’d be that simple…

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