How to replace a broken Band Hero drum pad

Have you split or cracked your drum pad? Hit it a  bit too hard during the big ending of your favourite song? Then you will to head over to our parts store, order yourself a replacement drum pad and fit it before the rest of your band come round to play. This latest tutorial video will show you how to easily replace a broken, damaged or non responsive pad on the Band Hero drum kit.

The video guide below will guide you through the task in less than 5 minutes, and the procedure is the same whether you are swapping the red, green or blue pad on your band hero drum kit (here are instructions for changing a pad on the Guitar Hero drum kit) The only tools you will need are a Phillips and a Torx screwdriver and a bit of time to repair your kit and remember all our new  videos are brought to you in High Definition so you can select the 720p option at the bottom of the video for a bit more detail.

If your drum pad is not physically broken, just not responding to hits or registering double hits as if it is too sensitive, then you should have a look at our solderless drum repair kit which we will be bringing you a Band Hero specific video guide for real soon.



3 Comments on "How to replace a broken Band Hero drum pad"

  1. OWallen on Wed, 8th Jun 2011 8:43 pm 

    when you say “replace pad” do you mean get a completely new pad, or just stick the old pad back in?

  2. Steve on Wed, 5th Oct 2011 3:39 pm 

    that depends on whether you are replacing the whole pad or just the sensor.

  3. tlanslator on Wed, 5th Jun 2013 12:44 pm 

    It’s really a fantastic article. Amazing way to replace those parts. Cheers from Poland.

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